Opportunity and action

I started this blog with the purpose to make my voice heard and make a small change in the mass perception on Monica Danger Leon.  I have been living in the bay area since the birth of my daughter to get away from the madness of Hollywood, and gain some peace while I plan my next adventure.  I have been resting as much that is possible with a newborn baby and throwing myself on my ideas and artwork.  I am excited to be going to Redding, PA to host a party on Nov. 25th, http://www.twitpic.com/ncxh4 Then its Thanksgiving with family, Nov. 27th my birthday I’m 23, Nov. 28th my very first art show in San Diego, http://www.twitpic.com/oeyvl “Danger in Wonderland” premieres my National Dangerous Art Tour 2009-2010, Nov. 29th I am doing a huge casting call for runway models male & female on Melrose at BYN customs for my clothing line launch http://www.twitpic.com/ol0vo for the “From the Streets to the Runway Fashion Show” http://www.twitpic.com/o9ifa coming up on Dec. 19 some of the proceeds are benefiting the Boys & Girls Club of LA.  Later that night on Nov. 29 it’s my Official birthday party in Hollywood at Empire Ray J Show Season 1 (Stilts, Cashmere, Naturalle) vs. Season 2 (Exoica, Luscious, Gifts) girls! I also have a few surprises coming up!!! That you have to stay tuned to find out.

I am very excited for this week and more of my artwork and footage from these events will be available on monicadanger.net

I am seizing each opportunity that comes in front of me and taking action.  I feel that so much will pass you by, and if you don’t grab onto it and run with each chance to improve your life, you will miss it!  I hope all of you will join me at these events! I have been reading all of your comments and they are insightful!

 Love u!!!!!!



47 Responses to “Opportunity and action”

  1. shanika Says:

    That is so gud that u r doing all u can… U r a lovely, interesting, n intelligent female… I wish u duh best of luck… Plse keep n tuch… Always a fan

  2. Maryangel Says:

    Seeing you on the RayJ show i already knew you were one of my favorite girls on there. I have seen your paintings that you post the link to your twitter and girl you are very talented and your poems are very deep! Keep up the great work. I wish you nothing but the best in life.

  3. Imdeanakaye Says:

    Hey danger i’m very proud of you! And i hope that all goes well with all if your future endeavors, and congrats on your new baby girl!! Also, i still think that season one girls are wayyyy hot than season 2 girls lolz [i’m just sayin!]

  4. Angela E Davis Says:

    Hello Monica,

    God has something huge in store for you. And you’re definitely stepping right into your blessing. You are my favorite fo sho. The blog, the painting, , the photography, the art show, and the clothing-line (WHEW), I can tell this is just the beginning. I am so glad to see you running with it. Don’t stop. And remember to take somebody with you — its get’s pretty lonely when you get to the TOP.

    Much respect,


  5. Nae Says:

    Good luck on all your endeavors!! You built a big fan base w/FTLofRJ so hopefully you’ll prosper with your goals!

  6. @djgtrain Says:

    What up danger! God to know you have a blog to speak your mind! Good ish beautiful!

  7. Aunjahne` Says:

    First, I would like to know when will you be appearing in NYC ?

    I also just wanted to let you know that I really like what type of person you have delevoped to be. And how you write that you have changed your life, because you have came to realize that you are not only living for yourself, but now, another human being (your daughter] as well.

    Your final paragraph, is also inspiring and I agree with it all the way. To summarize it, it means to Not allow opportunities to Fly right past you and to take Full advantage ! Keep up the Good Work !

    ps; @hateon_ladybugg is following you, iThink you should Follow her back lml.. Take care_

  8. venaira Says:

    Looks like your doing big things! Your inspirational!

  9. CheebaLove Says:

    very cool

  10. Brandinho5 Says:

    so sexy, one of my favorites ever

  11. tremayne yarbrough Says:

    That’s dope

  12. eazy57 Says:

    Very cool indeed.. looking forward to your writings!


    • Aunjahne` Says:

      whats cool indeed . be more specific !! IM TAKIN THIS alittle 2much to the Heart. but ifeel like if you gon write someting make it worth it and make sense !

  13. Marco Says:

    It looks to me like you are taking your life by the horns and enjoying every bit of the wild ride. You have talent but more importantly you understand that nothing in life comes easy, thus you have put on those heavy duty gloves and now its time to get down to business. Nothing ever worth doing in life is easy and you are doing a lot, I wish you the best of luck in all your future endevours. Ill try to make it to your show in my hometown of San Diego.

    Love, Marco

  14. shanika hastie Says:

    I love everything u do… I am glad u r doing things wit ur talent… Dun let n e 1 stop you… Stay on ur grind… U have a lil one to provide for… Well dun b a stranger n keep in tuch… Always a fan

  15. Jo Beanz Says:

    hey monica;
    i just wanted to let u kno that i love ur writing && ur banner at the top of ur blog.
    did u create it urself?
    it’s very vivid yet simplistic and i’m truly impressed.
    keep doin u girl
    -peace 🙂

  16. MissCamiD Says:

    I respect the fact that you are trying to move away from the “Danger” perception and do the things you have always wanted to do. It seems like having your daughter really changed you and whether you know it or not you are an inspiration. To let people into your business, let your guard down…it’s hard to put yourself out there to be judged, but you are keeping it together and becoming a better person day by day. Good luck to you! You are very talented and now hopefully people will learn about “Monica Leon.”

    • Aunjahne` Says:



  17. chrissy Says:

    will you be coming to jersey anytime soon? i would love to see ur artwork and i have always been a fan! do ya thang grl!!

  18. Sonya R. Says:

    Hi Danger! I

    t’s @niteowlsrr! I posted on a couple of your other blogs they’re really good!

    I just wanted to say that I am so inspired by your story! Twitter is a wonderful tool that allows you to connect with people who have either done something positive with their lives and those who are aspiring to do the same!!! It is a place where you can begin to believe again that it’s not too late to do something with your life!

    Please keep leading the way ’cause people are looking, listening and learning!!!

    • Aunjahne` Says:

      Why did you Only mention Twitter ? because You want Danger to follow you? Although, it is true that people like, Danger have written personal experiences that can and I believe has some type of influence/impact on Others life. And how is Twitter a place where you can “BELIEVE AGAIN..?” Im Not gna even continuee…

      But your Last line is aBlase way 2End it thoo .. “Please keep leading the way ’cause people are looking, listening and learning!!!”

      • Sonya R. Says:

        I only mentioned Twitter because, i’m not a big internet person and Twitter.com & mediatakeout.com are really the only two sites that I visit frequently! and then you asked “how is Twitter a place where you can believe again? I said that about twitter because for Me…when I first started coming to twitter… I only came to look and see what it was, and then I would read “inspirational tweets” from people like @Tyrese4Real, @hollyrpeete, @jodywatley, even @iamdiddy, all whom have posted “tweets” that have inspired me to never give up! Their tweets make you “believe again” So it’s not twitter! It’s the people on twitter! Oh yeah and it is nice to have danger follow you too!!!

      • Aunjahne` Says:

        Okay I understand. There are other websites that you can take a look @ if you are interested in me knowing..
        and make sure you follow RevRun. EVERYONE retweets his inspirational Tweets+_

        You said that they help you to believe.. can you share with me how they have influenced you_

  19. Tia aka shortyrise Says:

    aww snap monica is on the move! lol
    thats dope keepin ya name out in a postive way cause ur art is real good!
    keep reaching for the stars!

  20. Belisa Says:

    this is @imso2009 from twitter, and i follow you by the way…:)

    I just wanted to say your blogs are truley inspiring…and i believe you are a really strong woman…and you are doing big things that is good to see..keep doing your thing..and god bless you and your family..i love you @monicadanger 🙂 !!

  21. king_gordon Says:

    all the fun stuff happens in California..

  22. Winter Rush Says:

    Thanks for keepin it real danger…naw forget that monica! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter

  23. Lauren Says:

    every blog post you write makes me like you even more. you’re an inspiration honestly, you’ve been through so many bad and negative things and still manage to stay positive. best wishes to you && your daughter. i’m sure she’s going to grow up to be a wonderful person. she’ll make mistakes, like we all do, but i’m sure with you as a mother she’ll make less because she will have you to guide her. stay up xoxo

  24. Terria Says:

    Thank you so much for opening up and giving the world a chance to see Monica the mother, the lover, and the human being. We have seen Danger on tv and she’s amazing. Love her to death. But I find that Monica is so much more soft spoken and deep, insightful and your beauty transcends from your core outward. I am most certainly a fan and seeing your growth gives me hope. I will be 20 on the 23rd of this month. So I know how sagittarians can be. Times get hard. Life gets dark but my writing & creativity have always been an outlet. Stay strong, stay positive, stay beautiful, and stay true to you. Your daughter will be very proud of u when she grows up. God Bless =)


  25. Sonya R. Says:

    Reply to Aunjahne! Wow! Where do I start? All I can is this, I get really inspired when I hear people who’ve achieved their goals, reach out and tell you that you can reach your goals too. You see, when you have lived as long as I have .. married in my late 20’s..2 kids later (1 in my 30’s & 1 in my 40’s) you realize sometimes that life didn’t go exactly like you’d thought it would. I have 2 wonderful kids (10 yrs. & 4yrs.) that I loooovvveee so much!! and I feel blessed every time I look at them… I wonder, how did I get to be, the mother of these two adorable children! God is good!!! But, even knowing that… I’ve always felt like someone who never really figured out how to set and achieve my goals earlier in life. So, now that i’m in my mid 40’s, sometimes, I feel like it’s too late! and that’s why i’m so inspired by people like @tyrese4real, @hollyrpeete, @jodywatley, etc. They just make you wanna stop & re-think… Hey! maybe it’s NOT too late!!!!

  26. heaven hollywood Says:

    niceee i am glad to see that u are still under contract with them keep ur head up keep grinding u have a special quality that a lot of females dont have

  27. Mimi Says:

    your beautiful and intelligent!!! love the blog!!! keep it up!!

  28. JazE Says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your princess!!! I swear motherhood is one of the best things that has happened to me!

  29. Mister Broadway Says:

    For ya bday, what ya want? I got like 25 dollars, we can hit up applebees for the 2 for 20!!! Jk! Congrats on the baby and also in ya future endeavors

  30. CakeCandi Says:

    Claify the date of that art show again!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ms Princess Says:

    Wow i’m glad to see ur doing what you love and choosing to be happy! Ur definitely an inspiration to moms like myself who want to pursue their dreams and do what they love. Thank you for being so bold and open to ur fans! Your art is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing it with us. Hopefully one day i’ll be able to come see ur gallery.

  32. Doc of Next Level Ent Says:

    Keep working hard and gridning. The Art Tour is a good look.


  33. Sherrick Says:

    It’s nice to see someone who went onto a reality show with REAL intentions not trying to live off that name and doing things to further their life and doing what they love. Most people were only looking for fame not knowing the influence they may have on someone.

    Big things will be in store for you. 🙂

    I was rooting for you on FTLORJ from the very start of the show until the bitter end, as Monica and Danger. You were real and honest and maybe that was a little bit too much for some but it was definitely enough for me. Continue to do the things you do as a human being, a mother, a lover, a painter and whatever else you set forth to do. 😀

    @SherS90 on Twitter

  34. Sarshboogie Says:

    You are an artist in so many definitions of the word.

  35. niqui Says:

    I ve been readin ur blog since I startin followin u on twitter…I love it…the way u write has made me wanna write myself…I love how u made uniquness so sexy…I don’t feel bad about being a lil odd. I now work harder for my dreams because of real ppl like u. Stay u…pls…thanx -niqui-

  36. Mzz_Miamiiiiii Says:

    I am so proud of you and you are a strong women. Don’t let the hater’s stop you from getting your shine. I was down with you from the beginning. Stay on top of your game and keep the movement going. We love you in MIAMI real talk. You can follow me on twitter at Mzz_Miamiiiiii thanks for sharing your information.

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