Speaking to children who have been robbed of their innocence

 Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted in a few days, but today I felt compelled to write on what I did today.  I went to a middle school in the bay area to speak to two groups of 6, 7, & 8th grade students.  First I spoke to the boys, and it was difficult to connect with them on a deeper level but I tried to get my point across past my depiction on the Ray J show.  They are the children who are disconnected from what childhood “should” be.  Victims of the harsh educational system that has been drained of all art and music programs, devoid of a creative outlet, that plagues many of our youth in certain “urban” areas.   I spoke to them about the importance of goals, and told them that every choice they make now shapes and impacts their entire life.  Many of them heard me.

Before I was able to speak to the girls, while the passing period commenced, a girl was brutally beaten outside of the classroom.  Before the supervisors were able to break up the fight, this young girl waiting to come into the classroom to hear me speak was attacked by another student, her face was bloodied and battered.  The violence in the public schools is at a critical level.  Many schools are closing due to the lack of funding that is allocated to these schools.  Socially these children are far more advanced, having adult experiences, yet mentally they are still children.  I spoke to the women about believing in themselves, harboring self confidence, and the importance of safe sexual practices.  Unfortunately only one person can do only so much.  But, with my small popularity I was able to get my message across, and I felt that it was received today.  I am writing this to urge others to take notice in the importance of changing the educational institutions across the country for our emerging youth.  Thanks,




7 Responses to “Speaking to children who have been robbed of their innocence”

  1. Ms Princess Says:

    The world needs more GOOD role models for kids to look up to. The violence in this countries schools and neighborhoods is outrageous, and I think that if more people would do what you did, some of these situations could be diffused before they happen.

  2. 6FiF Says:

    thats cool u talkin 2 the kids…is ray j the baby daddy?

  3. Cynthia Omorodion Says:

    i feel fir you, i didnt realize we have alot in common, i share words as well. im currently working on my site as we speak, you are truly a blessed woman. keep doing what you are doing because GOD gave you the wisdom and power to shre inspirational words. Your words inspired me to leave guys alone and focus on myself. I love hard,and fell harder. I will be on your site alot, and when mine is up and running, I hope u show love as well!!


  4. shawn Says:

    I am really proud of you. You’ve made a complete change after having your baby it’s really crazy. Ever since I saw you on for the love of ray J something about you interested me you just your personality your mindset everything about your attitude I really wish a lot of the younger generation can develop into individuals who don’t follow the crowd and can pursue there own dreams and goals I can see your not letting anything slow you down keep reaching to the younger children

    Hey follow me shanek09 on twitter

  5. Doniell Says:

    I am glad u did this blog.

  6. aaliyahsmommy Says:

    hi monica. i read your bio as well as the current blog. for you to take time out and speak to these young kids means a lot. you’re right! a lot of kids are stuck with the “danger” character, and I commend you for reaching out and appearing to be so much more.

    as a bay area native myself, i’m happy to see one of our own doing their thing and continuing to make a difference. best of luck with everyhing =)

  7. Tia aka shortyrise Says:

    thats wassup i liked that you took the opportunity to speak to the kids and give them some positive direction never under estimate what a convo can have on a child. and its getting real out here kids def arnt kids anymore i walk around my neighborhood and notice that everyday. i remember the days when you would see kids playin tag and jumping rope now you see them being fresh acting older then they should tisk i pray for them.

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